About Infinera

Company Overview

Founded in 2001, Infinera has developed the industry’s first large-scale photonic integrated circuit (PIC), which dramatically increases the performance of optical networking by putting hundreds of optical components on a single chip smaller than a human fingernail, and with ten times the data rate of the lasers used in conventional optical systems. Our products exploit the advantages of the PIC to create a whole new type of optical networking architecture called Intelligent Transport Networks™. This results in significantly greater capacity on every line card, more reconfigurable options, higher network intelligence, and much faster installation and deployment times at cost levels significantly below those of conventional systems.

This advance is significant, but we don’t like to rest on our achievements. Since the original release of the DTN, Infinera has expanded its product line to address the growing market segments in the transport industry. The Infinera The Infinera DTN-X is a multi-terabit Packet Optical Transport Network (P-OTN) platform that integrates PIC-based WDM transport and integrated OTN switching to offer a combination of scale and efficiency while simplifying network operations. The Infinera ATN is a new optimized platform designed for cost-effective add/drop and multi-service aggregation in metro networks. The ILS2 is Infinera’s next-generation optical line system. It uses passive Photonic Integrated Circuits to deliver 2x the wavelength density of the competition, greater simplicity and ease-of-use, and a host of new features including ultra-long-haul reach and optical bypass. Infinera’s IQ Network Operating System provides the carrier-class and intelligent system control functions that make an Intelligent Transport Network easy to commission, operate, provision, and evolve. Infinera’s Management Suite provides an integrated set of product applications that address today’s and tomorrow’s network management challenges. And last but certainly not least, our Submarine Solution allows network operators to increase capacity on their networks while taking advantage of all the operational benefits of Infinera’s digital architecture.

Innovation is crucial in today’s market where we’re seeing astronomical increases in internet and IP traffic growth, strained networks, and an overwhelming response to greater technology in the form of heavy consumer demand for streaming video, cloud computing and other high-bandwidth applications. With the growing challenge of having to provide this greater bandwidth at significantly lower costs, it’s easy to see the need for a fresh approach to the photonics industry. We need to keep advancing technology, searching for better solutions and developing more innovative ways to accomplish our goals.

Market Success

Our success isn’t due to luck. It has to do with our efforts to aggressively hire only the best and brightest minds working in the optical networking industry and related fields and connect them with some of the most highly advanced and technologically important projects yet encountered.

Led by our founders, all major figures in the optical systems and components business, Infinera’s engineering team consists of more than 700 engineers in the U.S. and India, with expertise in photonics, optical components, ASIC design, system design and software design.

Major U.S. and global networks have taken notice. Our innovation has helped us win market share leadership, accounting for more than 40% of the shipments of 10Gb/s long-haul DWDM ports worldwide (according to data from independent market analysts Dell’Oro Group). The significant advantages that Intelligent Transport Networks and photonic integration bring to our clients are clearly evidenced by our rapid rise to first place in this key market segment.

The ability of photonic integration to pack an ever-growing number of devices, and exponentially greater performance, on a chip means that optical networking systems can scale to accommodate the rapid growth of Internet traffic worldwide. In a major cover story, FibreSystems Europe commented: “Infinera’s PICs are the optical industry’s sole example to date of Moore’s Law-style progress.”

Our unique approach is evidenced through our manufacturing innovations and techniques. With the construction of our own semiconductor fabrication facility located at our Sunnyvale, California headquarters, we’ve effectively streamlined our operations by shortening the development process from concept to manufacturing and minimizing time spent between facilities.

For people interested in a career with Infinera, this means that we offer many manufacturing-related positions alongside our Engineering ones. Often, employees from Engineering and Fabrications will work together, so when issues need to be worked out, they have direct access to the people who designed the product. This collaborative approach strengthens the lines of communication within Infinera and changes the ways our employees work together to deliver outstanding success.

We recognize and celebrate the commitment of each and every team member that has worked hard to make our success a reality, driving the key innovations to enable the new network, and we’re ready to welcome new ideas, innovations and candidates at every step of the way.